The musical instruments is a very special industry


The musical instruments is a very special industry that for occupy the world market, it include various type of the instruments, 2019 full-year sales data for the musical instrument and audio markets was released in 3rd March 2020, The Music Trades' Industry Census includes detailed sales statistics on all music and sound equipment. Here we listed some of the report list as the below:


And here is the detailed guitar sales (Guitar is the main products what HYGENT produce, so we take example here) as a sample of how data is presented on 55 different categories of music and sound products (The figures below are not actual; rather they are for demonstration purposes only), many thanks for the NAMM Show Organization did a great work for the great statistics, and we are very pleasure that we are the membership can get the date here for sharing:


Thanks again for the NAMM show, the data volume had telling us much more information that every business man who love to concentrate on the musical instruments industry would like to understand.

Post time: Apr-08-2020